February 1, 2023


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Black Mirror Season 6 Is Happening on Netflix, New Details Revealed!

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Black Mirror Season 6


It seems to be Stranger Things isn’t the only Netflix original series getting back in the game after being on hiatus for a long time!

Finally, Black Mirror a.k.a Netflix subscribers’ most loved sci-fi anthology series is returning to our screens. Like millions everywhere, we totally can’t hold back our excitement.

June 2019 was the last time fans got new episodes of the Netflix series. While season 5’s three stories about virtual-reality games, a rideshare criminal, and odd dolls that are somewhat more than simply plastic and batteries were mischievously engaging, they weren’t sufficient to fulfil the deep longing for another season.

Black Mirror is a show that keeps us on our toes consistently. New episodes aren’t simply a need, they are a need. Netflix has greenlit a 6th season of the raving success show Black Mirror and a few new pieces of info about the show have been unveiled.

Black Mirror Season 6 Synopsis

At this point, the creators are staying quiet about the intricate details of every episode. In any case, the news source revealed that the brains behind season 6 will regard every episode as “an individual film,” which could be an indication that newer episodes being over an hour-long will be the new standard for the original series.

Black Mirror Season 6

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast And Crew

Right now, it isn’t known whether Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, the geniuses behind Black Mirror, will return for season 6. Brooker and Jones left the show’s production company, House of Tomorrow (under Endemol Shine Group), in January 2020 for undisclosed reasons.

Notwithstanding, realizing that Netflix invested a large sum of resources in Brooker and Jones in July 2020, the two might return.

Episode Count

Black Mirror season 6’s official episode count isn’t yet confirmed. Notwithstanding, it has been revealed that the upcoming season will have a greater number of episodes than season 5. The number of episodes this will be, however, is impossible to say. (Ideally, more than 4!)

Black Mirror is likewise widely praised for its high production quality, with episodes, for example, “San Junipero” taking place in extremely detailed, not so distant future dystopias.

Once more, now that Black Mirror is back, we’re certain to periodically get new content from the Netflix series, so remain tuned for additional astonishing updates about Black Mirror season 6!

Will there be another interactive Black Mirror episode?

Given Black Mirror pioneered the interactive special format on Netflix with Bandersnatch, the makers of the show discussed whether they’d get back to the format or not.

In an interview with Yahoo, they explicitly said that “The thing is, assuming you’re doing an interactive episode, it needs to justify itself. There should be a convincing account reason regarding the reason why you’re using that in any case, it is only a gimmick.”

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