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Girl From Nowhere Season 3: Is It Confirmed?

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Girl from Nowhere is a Thai mystery spine chiller anthology TV series made by studio SOUR Bangkok and featuring entertainer Chicha ‘Kitty’ Amatayakul in the leading role. The first season of the Girl from Nowhere was released on August 8, 2018, on GMM 25. A 2nd season was released worldwide on Netflix on May 7, 2021, which presented the show to global distinction.

It has hit number one on the at present most watched Netflix shows in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, while additionally positioning in the top 10 in nations all over the world like Brazil. The show has been widely praised for the use of unusual narrating and takes on modern high school society.

The plot rotates around Nanno, an enigmatic girl who moves to various private schools in Thailand and uncovered the student’s and staff’s accounts of lies, mysteries, and hypocrisy. Nanno every so often misleads to incite others. She is revealed to be an immortal being, punishing miscreants for their wrongdoings and offences. In Season 2, Nanno meets her match in newfound rival Yuri, who has an alternate, more revenge-focused belief system and wants to assume control over Nanno’s duties.

Girl From Nowhere Season 3 Confirmed?

The thrill we get from watching a horror series is next level and something we can’t depict in words. Furthermore, the Thailand series the Girl From Nowhere is likewise one of the hits and horrific series, which gives spine chillers with Teen Drama. Also, the two seasons of Girl From Nowhere have gotten immense popularity, and the fans can hardly stand by to watch the third season of Girl From Nowhere.

There is no official news from Netflix concerning the renewal of the Girls From Nowhere season 3. After the first season, it was very nearly three years before we could see the second season of the series. We as a whole realize that the thrill is horrific with regards to the Thailand repulsiveness series, which makes these series more hit. What’s more, very much like the two seasons of Girl From Nowhere, the third season will give you the best storyline with secret and awfulness flows. Fans can likewise anticipate that season 3 should have more drama, and a few new faces can likewise be found in the forthcoming season of Girl From Nowhere.

Potential Release Date And Plot

Since there is no official announcement of the Girl From Nowhere season 3 renewal, there is no release date for the third season yet. However, if we go through the release plan up to this point, the expectation can be made as it required three years for the second season yet this time it may not take excessively lengthy for Season 3 if there will be any.

The series ended up incredibly we can accept the third season of the series will come soon on account of such a surprising ending of season 2. In last season we saw Nanno lying in a pool loaded with blood and Yuri expressing farewell to her. The ending marked us many questions like is Nanno dead? Will there be a farewell to her like Yuri? Assuming that the third season shows up, we can find every one of the solutions.

Likewise, Yuri says eventually: ‘Your time’s finished, Nanno. I will give power to individuals to annihilate each other. Bye Nanno, What will happen to the world at this point? It’s so invigorating.’

After this Nanno’s voice seemed to speak ‘In a world, as we know it where everybody thinks they are free and does anything the damnation they need, am I truly essential any longer?


The show gives Chicha Amatayakul a role as Nanno who is a girl with baffling powers. She goes about as an aide and a punisher to people who will generally conceal secrets or need something without thinking about the results. She is a teen and is neither great nor evil.

Chanya McClory plays the role of Yuri who is Nanno’s rival. If you are pondering the competition, in episode four, Yuri was a victim and Nanno attempted to help her yet after realizing that Yuri is one of the two rich young ladies who extorted different students for their sex tapes, she chose to alter her perspective.

Yuri was killed by the men she hired to attack the young ladies, suffocating her in a similar tub in which the draining Nanno was set. Nanno’s blood restored Yuri and gave her similar powers as Nanno’s. Yuri uses her powers in killing her victim as opposed to showing them a thing or two. This summarizes that Yuri is manipulative and has no responsibility for her activities.

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