February 8, 2023


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‘Great Dance Crew’ Episode 6 Release Date: Who Won The ‘Best Progress Award’?

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Great Dance Crew

YOUKU’s reality program ‘Great Dance Crew’ is now trending. The performance, which gives dancers from all throughout China a chance, has people glued to their TC screens. Fans are anxiously awaiting ‘Great Dance Crew’ Episode 6 to learn how their favorite contestants are faring. The episodes generally include the major dance performances, random dance-offs, and the mentors having a good time with the competitors. In the previous episode of ‘Great Dance Crew,’ the mentors and crew members had a great time as well.

They were busy playing basketball when they weren’t competing in a dance-off on stage. In between dance-offs, the crew also celebrated a birthday. ‘Great Dance Crew’ has now completed half of its inaugural season. The mentors then presented the ‘Best Progress Award’ to the dancers who had improved throughout the course of the program. Aside from that, a lot of things happened throughout the play that made us wish we were a part of it as well.

Great Dance Crew

Who Got The Best Progress Award In ‘Great Dance Crew’?

The mentors then introduced the ‘Best Progress Awards’ for the dancers who had received a miracle.’ A red flower and a leisure day excursion with their mentor and one of their pals was part of the miracle. Barbara was chosen as the first winner by TEN. She entered the stage doing the SpongeBob dance. And as a dancer, she has improved significantly. Barbara chose her roommate Mei when asked to pick a buddy, despite the fact that she wanted to choose her entire squad. As the second winner, Santa chose Olivia, who also performed much better than previously on stage. Olivia then chose Akane, a dancer she admires and is inspired by.

Great Dance Crew

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