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Hansan: Rising Dragon Release Date, Trailer, Plot, and Cast

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Hansan Rising Dragon

Hansan: Rising Dragon, is a follow-up to South Korea’s legendary war film The Admiral: Roaring Currents the most-watched and most noteworthy film in Korean film history which will make its North American debut one week from now. History becomes fully awake in Hansan: Rising Dragon, which frames the second part of the trilogy of movies from director Kim Han-min remembering the fights carried on by the real-life Admiral Yi Sun-shin.

Yi is the praised late Korean military general known for his triumphs during the Joseon Dynasty, the Korean peninsula’s last and longest dynastic realm spanning over from 1392 to 1910. The upcoming film was assigned as the ‘centrepiece film’ of the ongoing 2022 New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF), which goes through 31st July and celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.

Hansan: Rising Dragon Release Date

Hansan: Rising Dragon will debut on July 28 at the 2022 NYAFF. The film will have its general release on the 29th of July. Hansan: Rising Dragon is a prequel to the previously mentioned The Admiral: Roaring Currents, which shapes the initial segment of director Kim’s film set of three.

The trilogy focuses on three key maritime fights won by Yi, including the Battle of Hansan (1592), which frames the focal point of Hansan: Rising Dragon, other significant fights include Battle of Myeongnyang (1597), and the Battle of Noryang (1598).

Hansan: Rising Dragon Trailer

The trilogy film centres around the three key maritime fights won by the Yi set five years before the events charted in The Admiral: Roaring Currents, the most recent film sees Yi drives an oceanic crusade denoting the first Korean triumph in the seven-year Imjin War against Japanese powers, with the Battle of Hansan Island assuming a significant part in switching of the destiny of the Joseon Dynasty.

In a statement, director Kim said: The Imjin War was a remarkable intrusion, a fiasco for Joseon. Albeit the military was squeezed into the defensive, Admiral Yi of the Left Jeolla Navy reversed the situation of battle through the Battle of Hansan Island. ‘The three maritime fights vary in their qualities. The Battle of Hansan Island showed Admiral Yi’s insight; the Battle of Myeongnyang exhibited his boldness, and the Battle of Noryang showed his insight capturing these three features of his personality was an extraordinary test and an honour,’ he added.


Hansan: Rising Dragon includes a ritzy cast. Park Hae-il will be playing the role of Admiral Yi Sun-shin. Ahn Sung-ki plays the role of Commander Eo Youngdam, a naval guide supervising the southern streams. Kim Sung-Kyun plays the role of Wakizaka’s military adversary General Kato Yoshiaki. Ok, Taec-yeon is playing the role of Lim Jun-young, a scout spying on the foe’s developments.

Park Ji-hwan is Chief Nah Dae-Yongin in the movie, the one who designs the interesting turtle ship for the fight. Kim Hyang-gi is Jeong Bo-reum, a young female spy who infiltrates the foe camp as a courtesan. Gong Myoung is Admiral Lee Eok-gi, a partner and devoted follower of Admiral Yi. Kim Sung-kyu as the fighter Junsa.

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