February 1, 2023


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‘Heartstopper’ Renewed for Seasons 2 and 3 at Netflix

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Heartstopper Netflix


Heartstopper: The LGBTQ-themed young adult amorous melodrama is motivated by the webcomic and graphic novel by Alice Oseman, who will come back as writer and creator of the series.

The series Heartstopper will resume chasing new fans on Netflix.

The flowing giant has resumed its burst romantic dramedy for two further seasons, labelling a massive show of conviction for the received series from See-Saw Films.

Recently, the latest series launched in April and has become an excitement on the spilling platform, which, like others, does not release traditional watcher data.

The LGBTQ-themed-based young adult show, encouraged by the webcomic and graphic novel by series creator Alice Oseman, is rated in Netflix’s top 10 list in an awe-inspiring 54 countries.

Additionally, the show has propelled its features, Kit Connor and Joe Locke, into social media stars, with both actors now conforming 3.4 million and 2.5 million Instagram followers, individually.

The success of Heartstopper has helped out to charge weekly book sales of Oseman’s source material, with volume one of the books now holding the top spot in the U.S. YA fiction list and starring on, the New York Times bIt is one of Netflix’s best-evaluated series with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes that also has drawn applause for its LGBTQ representation. 

Heartstopper Netflix
Rob Youngson / Netflix

Also, the series show has caught fire on a social media discussion, topping Twitter style for numerous weeks, launching leads Kit Connor and Joe Locke to top celebrity standard with their Instagram followings blowing up from just over 100K each early the series’ premiere to 3.4 million (Connor) and 2.5 million (Locke).

On TikTok, #heartstopper has over 4.3B views.

The series’ impact has rapidly gone beyond TV and social. Heartstopper has been influencing Billboard’s Top TV Song chart, and weekly US sales for the book the series is based on have soared 1,700%.

Volume 1 is presently the No.1 YA fiction book in the US and starred on the NYT bestseller list. Weekly sales have grown 1,700 percent.

The story is based on how a boy meets another boy and they get feelings for each other and how fall in love with one another. 

Moreover, the series emphasized LGBTQ issues in society and tried to reach out to an audience by this drama series about love but the true face of our life and how society accepts it or not in reality.

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