February 8, 2023


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Is Christina Chang Leaving ‘The Good Doctor?

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Christina Chang


The wedding of Dr Shaun Murphy and Lea Dilallo was one of the highlights of The Good Doctor’s Season 5 finale, but it ended abruptly for Dr Audrey Lim (Christina Chang).

Following the concluding events of the show’s finale, Chang’s character’s destiny is very much up in the air, so fans are no doubt curious if the actor will return for the show’s sixth season.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dr Lim’s fate in the Season 6 finale, as well as if Chang will return.

Is Christina Chang on her way out of ‘The Good Doctor?

Dr Lim found nurse Dalisay Villanueva (Elfina Luk), who had been attacked by her abusive ex-boyfriend Owen and left for dead in the Season 5 finale of The Good Doctor.

Nurse Villanueva’s ex-boyfriend gained access to St. Bonaventure Hospital by impersonating a flower delivery man, only to attack Villanueva unexpectedly.

Christina Chang

Dr Lim attempts to assist her colleague, but Owen confronts her and stabs her twice before fleeing the scene, leaving the fates of both women unknown.

Christina Chang, for one, has yet to make a public statement about the moment, but she did post a sweet behind-the-scenes video with her co-stars on Instagram before the episode.

While Christina Chang has yet to comment on her character’s fate, showrunner David Shore of the ABC sitcom spoke with TVLine about what happened to Dr Lim.

“That’s the whole point,” Shore laughed, before adding, “We don’t do anything that isn’t meaningful.” As authors, we want to make sure that each story has a purpose.

“That isn’t to suggest that we won’t lose her. We admire her. However, there are obstacles ahead.”

He went on to say that he and Chang had already discussed Dr Lim’s fate and that the actor is “enthusiastic” about what’s to come.

“Look, I think actors are worried about their jobs on some level, but they also want juicy stuff to deal with,” Shore told the publication. “Any opportunity we have to give her something with some meat to it, it’s a lot of fun to watch her [perform].”

While Shore did not say if Dr Lim would survive the attack, he did say that he and the show’s writers were interested in “physically confronting her,” which could imply that the character will return in Season 6.

The same may be true for nurse Villanueva, however, Shore would not say whether Luk will reprise his role in Season 6. On ABC’s website, you can watch The Good Doctor Season 5 in its entirety.


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