February 1, 2023


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Jason Momoa Confirms Ben Affleck’s Return As Bruce Wayne In Aquaman 2 Reshoots

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Jason Momoa And Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is returning as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the DCEU and we can’t resist the urge to panic! Giving everybody a significant Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom SPOILER is, in all honesty, Aquaman/Arthur Curry himself, Jason Momoa. Nonetheless, the 42-year-old entertainer had a legitimate justification behind the equivalent. Jason was busted strolling into Ben’s trailer for what is dared to be for Aquaman 2’s reshoots by fans on the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

Ben Affleck’s alleged return as Batman without a doubt raises a ton of questions. How is everything turning out to be incorporated into the plot? Will he put on the cowl and battle some ocean animals? Tragically, these questions are only two of numerous that most likely will not be replied to until ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ is released one year from now. Furthermore, we don’t for even a moment have an unmistakable thought of what the actual film will be about. Notwithstanding, the possibility, the Batman found in the photographs Jason Momoa posted will not be plunging into the sea except if he has any desire to destroy that suit.

Jason Momoa Confirms Ben Affleck’s Return In Aquaman 2

Confirming that Ben Affleck will be a part of Aquaman 2, Jason Momoa who as of late survived a car crash, impacting head-on with a motorcycle biker took to his Instagram page and treated fans with charming photographs of his and Ben’s incredible, exquisite moment. As the two shared a cuddly second, embracing it out with huge grins, Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne-ish clothing with a hot dim suit ensemble in tow behind had DCEU fans jabbering without holding back. Besides, Jason Momoa likewise shared a hilarious video of the fans who got him, shouting, ‘Well it’s not a f****g secret any longer, is it?’ Laughing without holding back, Jason Momoa admitted that he made an honest effort to stay quiet about it before focusing on Ben’s trailer with the initials ‘B.A.’

Jason Momoa’s caption reads, ‘Reunited Bruce and Arthur. love u and miss u Ben WB studio tours just investigated the backlot okay? busted on set all incredible things coming AQUAMAN 2 everyone all my aloha j.’ Under the comments segment, The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder, who is dear companions with Jason Momoa addressed the whole DCEU being a fan as a group, when he remarked, ‘F*g BOSSES.’ Albeit the DC hero flick enclosed filming back by December, reshoots appear of being in progress for the blockbuster that is planned to debut in March 2023.

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