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Maldivas Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, Trailer, And More

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A new Brazilian drama titled the Maldivas is coming back on  Netflix this June 2022 and we have everything you could possibly need to know about the upcoming show Maldivas. 

The Maldivas is an original series made by Natalia Klein.

This series is based on the woman who goes into a luxurious townhouse in Rio de Janeiro coming answers to her mother’s mysterious death. Bruna Marquezine features in the lead role of Liz.

You may know about Bruna from her character in this show as he performed his role in America, a woman in love, God Save the King, and Snakes and Lizards.

If you are as amazed as we are to see it in the Maldivas, then you should know everything about this series.

This show makes you perplexed at some point in the series and at some point, you will enjoy it.


Maldivas release date

Keep in mind first, mark your calendars and make sure about your schedule as the TV show will soon hit Netflix on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

You can expect the full first season to hit streamers on its release date. The all-new episodes are unknown,

but it looks like there will be seven episodes, which excites you more than before.

Maldivas Cast

Here’s the cast list of this Maldivas show, check it out here:

The first main character, Bruna Marquezine plays a role as Lizo and talks about the second most awaited character Natalia Klein as Veronica.

Carol Castro plays the role of Kat in the series. The next cast Manu Gavassi as Milene and whereas Klebber Toledo essaying as Victor Hugo in the show.

Sheron Menezzes joga Rayssa.

Interestingly, the cast includes Ricky Tavares who plays the character of Miguel, Vanessa Gerbelli as Estela, the mysterious Enzo Romani as Denilson, and Samuel Melo as Casa.


Synopsis Maldivas

The story starts when Liz goes from Goiânia to a townhouse called the Maldivas, in Rio de Janeiro, to rejoin her mother who died in a mysterious fire.

Hard to visualize his unexpected death, he must hide from investigator Denilson, and dive into a universe full of unusual characters.

Among them are Milene, the queen of the Maldivas, looking for the best life with her husband, plastic surgeon Victor Hugo, and Rayssa, a former ex-singer turned successful businessman married to his band’s former vocalist Cauã. (Samuel Melo).

Moreover, Verônica (Natalia Klein), a stranger who doesn’t get along with Maldivian women, and Miguel (Danilo Mesquita), Liz’s fiancé, pour from the landscape.

Maldivas Trailer

Check out below the official trailer for a glance at what’s to come in the new season of the Maldivas!

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