February 1, 2023


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Nancy Drew Spinoff Tom Swift Trailer Release by The CW

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Tom Swift


The CW has published the first teaser for the forthcoming spinoff series Tom Swift, which will air on May 31st.

Following the release of the first teaser pictures for the series, the CW has released the official trailer for the forthcoming Nancy Drew spinoff series Tom Swift. Tian Richards, the series’ main character, is a genius inventor with infinite resources.

Tian Richards will play Tom Swift, while Riverdale alum Ashleigh Murray will play Tom’s closest pal Zenzi. Tom Swift will also star in Marquise Vilsón (The Kitchen, Blindspot). He will be seen as Tom’s bodyguard Isaac and April Parker Jones (Supergirl, Bel-Air) as Tom’s mother Lorraine, in addition to Murray and Richards. Barclay, Tom’s AI, is voiced by LeVar Burton (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Reading Rainbow).

The devilishly attractive Tom Swift (Tian Richards) is a guy many men would kill to be or be with. He is a man who has the world in the palm of his hand. He is seen as an incredibly talented inventor with infinite resources and inconceivable fortune. But his world is rocked to its core when his father mysteriously disappears, plunging Tom into a thrilling journey filled with enigmatic conspiracies and unexplainable happenings. Tom finds himself battling to keep one step ahead of an Illuminati-scale group hellbent on stopping him on his frenzied journey to uncover the truth.

In addition to his vast intellect, roguish wit, and an endless supply of designer sneakers, Tom will rely on his closest companions. They are his best friend Zenzi (Ashleigh Murray), whose unabashed and unvarnished candour keeps Tom grounded while she forges a path for herself as a business visionary; his bodyguard Isaac (Marquise Vilsón), whose fierce commitment to his chosen family is complicated by his own simmering feelings for Tom; and his AI.

Tom Swift

Tom’s relationship with his mother Lorraine (April Parker Jones) at home grows strained. She pushes him to take his father’s position in elite Black society. But, unknown to Tom, his mother’s plea is motivated by her own dark secrets. Furthermore, Tom’s path is crossed by the intriguing and dangerous Rowan (Albert Mwangi). He who has secret objectives and strong mutual connection. While Tom navigates these emotionally charged tensions, his missions will necessitate his ingenuity and flare for creativity, led by romance, friendship, and unsolved cosmic riddles.

Tian Richard’s Tom Swift initially appeared in Nancy Drew season 2 and started as a literary series dating back to 1910 with over 100 volumes in the series.

Tom Swift will debut on the CW on May 31, 2022. Will you be paying attention?

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