February 7, 2023


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Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire’ Season 3 So Far: Release Date, Cast, And Spoilers

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bling empire season 3


Bling Empire second season premiered on Netflix on Friday, but for many fans, eight hours of beauty and drama aren’t enough.

If you need a reminder of what happened in season 2, there were a few lingering cliffhangers, like Kim Lee and Kevin Kreider’s relationship, Dorothy Wang’s relocation to New York City, and Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee’s possible affair. Not to mention Kane Lim’s battle with Anna Shay and Christine Chiu, which almost pitted them against each other.

Fortunately, Dorothy (one of two new cast members for the second season) told Page Six that the show will return for a third season and that “it’s already locked and loaded.” To put it another way, it’s already been shot, so you can expect a lot of what happened this season to repeat itself in the next. Thank heavens.

When does Bling Empire Season 3 start?

Netflix has yet to announce an official release date, although the cast has been teasing a late August or September release. Dorothy informed Page Six that Bling Empire will “probably” be published “around the end of the summer” when asked about the premiere date.

bling empire season 3

Kim Lee, another member of the cast, also hinted that fans will not have to wait long. After a fan asked a similar query in a previous post, she replied, “very soon.”

Who will return for Bling Empire Season 3?

Fans are hoping that Chèrie Chan and Jessey Lee will return after being MIA amid season 2.

The rest of the cast is also expected to attend, including:
● Shay, Anna
● Gabriel and Christine Chiu
● Kim Lee
● Kelly Mi Lim, Li Kane
● Xie, Jaime
● Jessy Lee is an actress.
● Kevin Kreider is a professional hockey player.
● Morris, Mimi
And, since Dorothy broke the big news about the season’s possible premiere date, it’s safe to assume she’ll return for the following season (even though she currently lives in New York).

Will there be additions to the cast?
Given the show’s success, it wouldn’t be strange if some new faces were brought on board.

However, since Mimi and Dorothy were first presented to the public in season 2, the producers may decide to hold off on expanding the cast for a while. We can anticipate that the present cast will remain unchanged till further notice.

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