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Netflix’s The Sea Beast Release Date, Cast and Everything You Need To Know

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The Sea Beast

Photo credit: Netflix

Netflix is set to please viewers across the world with its new animated film The Sea Beast. Directed by Chris Williams, who recently directed Big Hero 6 and worked on Moana, the daring experience vows to be a good time for the entire family.

Animated 2 hours-long film The Sea Beast will be accessible on Netflix from July 2022. It has proactively been released to a couple of theatres on June 24th. A teaser trailer for The Sea Beast was released on March 30 preceding a full-length trailer that emerged on Tuesday, June 7.

The plot of the film is woven with an incredible sea monster hunter as he was bewildered to see a stowaway girl on his ship become companions with the most dangerous sea monster. It was a time of terror because of the ocean beasts. They made the existence of individuals terrible. Also, for individuals, the main way out was the monster hunters.

They were nothing less than god. Incredible Jacob Holland was one of such kind. Then, at that point, came the young lady named Maisie Brumble. She hid away on Jacob’s boat. Jacob further was shocked to see her get to know one of the most ridiculously horrible beasts of the sea. They together took up the experience in the most extraordinary way.

The Sea Beast Release Date

As indicated by the director of the film, Chris Williams, it is the sort of film he generally wanted to do. Everything revolves around a legend, an amazing figure, who left the well-explored regions of the planet and moved towards the space of vulnerability, risk, and experience.

As per Variety, The Sea Beast is enlivened by the time of the sixteenth and mid-seventeenth centuries when the sea voyage was the most captivating thing in the European world. The world was being discovered, and the regular disasters were taking the states of legendary characters, beasts, monsters, and so on.

The Sea Beast is a Netflix original film so streaming solely on the stage from Friday, July 8 will be accessible. The animated film was released before its debut on Netflix in select theatres across the US on June 24.


As may be expected from an animated film, The Sea Beast includes an A-rundown cast that the audience might well perceive from somewhere else.

The cast individuals from the film are Karl Urban as Jacob Holland, Zaris-Angel Hator as Maisie Brumble, Jared Harris as Captain Crow, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Sarah Sharpe, Dan Stevens as Admiral Hornagold, Kathy Burke as Gwen Batterie. The animation was introduced by Sony Pictures ImageWorks. Mark Mancina did the music for the film. The maker of the film is Jed Schlanger.

The Sea Beast
Photo credit: Netflix

There are exclusive expectations from the Academy Award-winning producer Chris Williams about this film. The structure and the storyline of the film including connecting with a specific verifiable period will unquestionably put it among the hearts of the crowds. It is something like a couple of days now to observe the journey!

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