February 8, 2023


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Ryan Gosling Finally Addresses MCU Nova Casting Reports

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Ryan Gosling

It’s insane to believe that Ryan Gosling has yet to show up in a superhuman film, particularly taking into account that the entertainer has for some time been on comic book fans’ radar. Indeed, this might come as another piece of info to some yet it was recently announced that the star of Netflix’s upcoming action film The Gray Man had negotiations with Marvel Studios.

Ryan Gosling stars in the monstrous Netflix movie The Gray Man, which sees him work closely with Marvel Studios alumni like the directing team The Russo Brothers, and Captain America entertainer Chris Evans. This had driven numerous to consider that he could ultimately join the MCU in a heroic role.

Insights regarding his supposed meeting with Kevin Feige have stayed scant yet a lot of fans accept he’d be the ideal fit to play Nova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Indeed, even insiders guarantee that Gosling is playing the cosmic hero in the establishment.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Addresses MCU Nova Casting Rumours

Ryan Gosling shoots down the rumours that he’s been given a role as Nova in the MCU. The MCU’s Phase 4 has impressively developed the establishment’s roster, with films like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Eternals, and Disney+ shows like Moon Knight and Ms Marvel. With the growing number of superheroes in the MCU, there are as yet countless Marvel characters that have yet to show up in a live-action.

While there had been rumblings about Ryan Gosling being sought to play Nova in a yet-to-be-confirmed project at Marvel, during a tease for an interview with MTV News the Canadian entertainer said that is ‘untrue’. Notwithstanding added he would be keen to play one superhero that is, Ghost Rider.

A horror-driven hero that was played by Nicolas Cage in a two-feature movie before a TV incarnation that showed up on Agents of SHIELD before a spin-off project series at Hulu was snuffed out.

It’s indistinct if Gosling has met with Marvel for anything as of late yet given the fan interest to see him join the MCU and the arrival of Ghost Rider, we ought not to be shocked assuming the studio essentially addresses him sooner or later. You could recall that before Mahershala Ali was reported as the new Blade, the Oscar-winning entertainer was the person who brought up playing the vampire hunter in a reboot to Marvel in a meeting and appeared to persuade them. Marvel is entering their era of exploring horror characters implies that the arrival of Ghost Rider is just a question of time.

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