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Senior Year 2 Confirmed On Netflix? Sequel Status For 2022 Comedy

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Senior Year 2

Senior Year starring Rebel Wilson was released on May 13, 2022, on the streaming platform Netflix. Imagine Prom is right around the corner and you’re on the track to be a queen.

Abruptly, you take a fall and slip into a state of coma. Twenty years down the line and you’re awake. Everything has changed, yet hell, you won’t allow that to impede that crown on your head.

This is the premise for Alex Hardcastle’s Senior Year, featuring Rebel Wilson in the central role of a high school cheerleader. It may be 2022, yet she will carry on with her best mid-2000s life.

Since the film arrived on Netflix, audiences have ended up mulling over whether they’ll be reunited with Stephanie for the next chapter in her life. Is Senior year 2 a-go on Netflix?

Is Senior Year 2 Confirmed On Netflix?

No, neither Netflix nor the producers have declared a Senior Year sequel at this point.

It’s arguably still somewhat right on time to anticipate that any substantial plans should be confirmed. Nonetheless, it’s a reassuring sign that the film has broken into the Netflix top 10 in various territories.

Considering the platform doesn’t unveil viewing measurements to people in general, this is much of the time the most effective way to decide and anticipate whether a show or series will be gotten for additional seasons or sequels.

The film’s ending ties the story up fairly. However, a sequel could undoubtedly show what Stephanie is up to on after graduation, possibly showing what her life would resemble at college down the line. There’s even a cheeky post-credits scene that shows them talking about college choices.

Senior Year 2

What Can We Expect From Senior Year Sequel?

As previously stated, the post-credits scene highlights Stephanie and her counsellor. Thusly, a continuation of the review seems, by all accounts, to be anticipated for our protagonist.

In the sequel of senior year, she would transition into college and all that involves. In particular, the gatherings, the folks, the liquor, and all the other things Netflix needs for a successful teenager comedy! Even though nothing is at present being done, Senior Year 2 would without a doubt follow this way!


“Senior Year” is not an ambitious film, however, it’s for the most part a sweet one, and often amusing. The plot might be a bit crazy however Rebel Wilson is impeccably cast and has the comedy background to rejuvenate the entire thing.

Simply consider Isn’t It Romantic, The Hustle, Pitch Perfect and How To Be Single and you know what sort of film you are in for. The supporting cast is perfect, there are a lot of nostalgic 90s flashbacks (for those mature enough to recollect) and a strong toe-tapping soundtrack.

You have got high school life, the cheerleading crew, the famous young lady dating the quarterback and a 37-year-woman who wants to relive it all.

Rebel Wilson depicted the film as “the stunningly interesting love child of Bring It On and Never Been Kissed .”

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