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Welcome to Eden Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And Plot

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Welcome to Eden Season 2


Recently, the new show Welcome to Eden premiered on Netflix on May 6, audience

and have been curved on the series since then after watching the first grasping episode.

Welcome to Eden is created by Joaquin Gorriz and Guillermo Lopez, the Spanish excitement goes after a group of teenagers invited to a total party on a paradise island,

for what is assumed to be the beginning of the party of a new drink brand. 

Welcome to Eden season 2 potential release date: When will the show broadcast?

In May of 2022, there has been no official news about the future of Welcome to Eden and a possible second season.

Although the news is that because season one ended on a cliffhanger, then there’s a chance that the numerous asks we were dropped with

after the finale will be responded to because it means that the writers have plans for more.

If the show were to resume, this means that there’s still plenty of time for viewers to keep adapting in and the possibility for Netflix to announce a second season 2, coming in May 2023.

Welcome to Eden Season 2

Welcome to Edenseason 2 cast:

Maybe Season 2 does get the green light, then we will get the same star cast as:

Amaia Aberasturi is Zoa, Amaia Salamanca is Astrid, Belinda Peregrín is África, Begoña Vargas is Bel, Diego Garisa is Ibón, Tomy Aguilera is Charly,

Berta Castañé is Gabi, Max Sampietro (Isaac), Lola Rodríguez (Mayka), Guillermo Pfening (Erick), Sergio Momo (Nico), Irene Dev (Alma), Joan

Pedrola (Orson), and Carlos Soroa (Eloy) that they will be streaming in the season 2 and they make a surprise return from the dead.

Welcome to Eden Season 2

Welcome to Eden season 2: Plot

In season 1, revolution grew and the audience watched as Zoa and Charly tried to escape from the island while using the arrival of the new recruits

as a diversion. Happily, Ibon came to Zoa’s saved and arrived killing Ulises in the argument.

Plainly astonished by the incident, which was entirely out of character for him,

it brought the question of how Ulises’ demise will affect Ibón in the next season and how this character will now be grown.

However, Alarms begin to sound, and the doors close, trapping África inside the room.

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