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Where Is HBO Max’s FBoy Island Season 2 Filmed? Villa Location Revealed

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FBoy Island

FBoy Island is back for another season and this year it depends on young ladies Mia Emani Jones, Tamaris Sepulveda and Louise Barnard to attempt to recognize the Nice Guys from the FBoys.

The three exquisite women are on the cast for season 2 of the HBO Max hit, hosted by Nikki Glaser, and fans will look as they attempt to find love among 26 men with the expectations that the one that they pick toward the finish of the series will opt to part the $100,000 cash rewards with them. Assuming they pick an FBoy, in any case, that person will want to take all the cash for himself.

It’s difficult to resist a good reality TV drama, and HBO Max’s FBoy Island possesses a great deal of that. Created by the minds behind hit reality tv shows The Bachelor and Love is Blind. HBO filmed FBoy Island Season 1 in the Cayman Islands, yet season 2 heads to a shiny new extraordinary location. Figure out all that you need to know about where Louise Barnard, Mia Emani Jones, and Tamaris Sepulveda met their 26 most eligible bachelors.

FBoy Island

Where Is FBoy Island Season 2 Filmed?

FBoy Island season 1 was shot in the Cayman Islands and the show has gotten back to the stunning location for the clump of 10 new episodes. The destination comprises three separate islands (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) and is situated in the Caribbean Sea, close to Cuba and Jamaica.

The cast members from FBoy Island have remained on Grand Cayman for shooting. Albeit Grand Cayman is the most populated of the three islands, the show enjoys the advantage of a secluded beachside area for production.

Viewers of FBoy Island season 1 will have seen contenders C.J. Franco, Nakia Renee, and Sarah Emig stay in a gigantic, lavish villa during their stretch on the show. In 2021 Decider revealed that they tracked down the specific villa on Airbnb Luxe, expressing the lavish home was known as ‘The Kempa Kai.’ The property is as of now not accessible to see on Airbnb Luxe however at the time it was accounted for that it would hinder visitors $5,198 per night.

FBoy Island


In the trailer for the new episodes, contenders can be seen getting to know one another, going on heartfelt dates, and freeing themselves up to romance as the week progresses. As the three ladies attempt to figure out who is there for the right reasons, there are normally a few tears and aftermaths as well as what resembles a medical emergency.

Among all the drama, nonetheless, we can’t resist the urge to see the cast delighting in the sublime daylight and swimming in the crystal waters under some genuinely dazzling blue skies.

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