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Sabrina Soto Net Worth: Where Is HGTV’s The High Low Project Host Now?

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Sabrina Soto

Sabrina Soto, the famous host of The High/Low Project and featured designer on HGTV, is a prestigious interior designer, expert and entrepreneur. The first of her Cuban family born in the United States, Sabrina got familiar with everything of home decor from her mom, who ran a decorating and home organizing business. Therefore, Sabrina fostered an affection for design and, today is known for her electric way of mixing luxury and reasonable pieces for a unique home stylish.

Sabrina later advanced into TV as a host on cable network shows and a web series on Yahoo in which she interviewed top recording artists and lots of famous people. Sabrina has additionally shown up on a few HGTV shows, including White House Christmas, Get It Sold, Real Estate Intervention, HGTV Green Home and HGTV Showdown. She has additionally been highlighted in publications, for example, Time magazine, USA Today, Washington Post, LA Daily News, People En Espanol, Esquire and Latina magazine.

Sabrina Soto Net Worth

Assessing the total net worth of Sabrina Soto, the figures fall somewhere near $5 million. While the data about the amount Sabrina makes isn’t known in public knowledge, her yearly compensation is assessed to be around $3,80,000. At this point, Soto is residing in New York City, yet she likewise possesses a house in West Hollywood. The worth of the house isn’t known. Alongside being the main host and designer of shows like TY Breaker, Squeaky Clean, and The High Low Project, Sabrina additionally runs a blog.

Sabrina Soto

Her site Sabrinasoto.com offers a few podcasts and blogs regarding the matter of home decor, DIYs, Gardening, Clothes, and other lifestyle-related things. Sabrine Soto additionally has her line of home decor that is accessible to shop on her site, alongside other style pieces from her wonderful house. She’s likewise the host of ‘Redesigning Life with Sabrina Soto’, a lifestyle podcast that is accessible to stream on Spotify, Google, and ITUNES.

Where Is HGTV Host Now?

Starting around 2022, Sabrina Soto is living in New York City. In any case, with HGTV, she is working on her show and planning new ideas to work with. Sabrina likewise has a girl named Olivia Gray with her previous beau Steve Grevemberg. The two are on great terms and help each in taking care of the six-year-old through co-parenting.

Sabrina Soto

In July 2021, she made her relationship with the VIP culinary specialist Dean Sheremet Instagram official. Before the year was over, the couple additionally made their engagement announcement. In any case, on July 6, 2022, Sabrina called off the engagement. Taking it to Instagram, Soto revealed the justification for not wearing her ring any longer. She shared that she is pleased with the choice she has made.

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