February 8, 2023


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BTS RM Relationship 2022: Is He Dating Anyone In Secret?

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The South Korean popular band BTS members have now started facing dating rumours. After Kim Taehyung and Jungkook, this time it is RM who has been facing dating rumours about him.

BTS’s company BigHit Entertainment reacted to RM’s dating claims through Newsen and stated, “It is not true that RM is in a relationship.”

For those who don’t know, it started after a Korean YouTube channel on December 30 asserted that BTS RM was dating a wealthy non-celebrity woman since 2019 both are the same age.

The channel based its rumours on Love-Stagram. However, the YouTuber recently pointed out a few examples in which they got spotted in familiar backgrounds. 

BTS’s company BigHit Entertainment responded to RM’s dating allegations through Newsen and mentioned, “It is not true that RM is in a relationship.”

After BigHit Entertainment’s explanation, few ARMYs were unshakable that it was untruthful. Eventually, RM shared it upon himself to react individually to the rumour and took to Weverse.

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On December 31, RM went on Weverse and shared information about his dating life. He stated, “Ah yes, I don’t know that person whatsoever/at all and that poodle is my friend’s poodle ^^”. 

RM expressed in his post mentions ‘proof’ that the YouTuber asserted to have. The picture was of a woman who shared a click of herself on her Instagram account with a poodle similar to one that RM had shared with his friend’s dog.

The YouTuber even shared a picture that BTS RM shared on his social media in which he was seen in front of an art gallery.

The YouTuber also said that the art gallery was the same which the female non-celebrity visited and had shared her picture with the caption, “…Just the two of us.” 

Based on these two posts that BTS RM and the female shared, the YouTuber conjectured that they were in a relationship and had visited the art gallery together at the same time. 

A few days ago, the same YouTuber had rife rumours about Jungkook. He stated that Jungkook was in a relationship with actress Lee Yoo Bi of Yumi’s Cells and his statements were based on the Instagram activity.

Besides, Kim Taehyung’s dating rumours had come two months ago with the daughter of the chairman of Paradise Group, Phillip Chun.. He reused the rumours. 

On the professional front, BTS had a tremendous 2021 with their second Grammy nomination and three awards at the American Music Awards.

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