February 1, 2023


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BTS Suga Says He Is Comfortable Dating Non-Koreans

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BTS Suga

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BTS Suga isn’t dating anybody openly. Reports have thusly reasoned that he is single as of now. Regardless of not being in a relationship, however, he is among the K-pop idols who have faced dating rumours and speculations throughout the years.

BTS member Suga has been rumoured to be dating a few ladies in his career, yet the two most eminent names must be Red Velvet member Wendy and IU! Both are top stars in the K-pop industry, and both have worked together previously.

BTS Suga and IU are known to be same-aged friends in the public. Because of their closeness and how cordial they showed up with each other, individuals conjectured that the two had something going on. Speculations possibly expanded when the two collaborated on the song “eight,” which Suga produced and featured in.

BTS Suga Ideal Type and Relationship Status

BTS member Suga is, irrefutably, one of the most attractive South Korean artists today. As of writing, he is currently single.

However, Suga has revealed what his ideal type is! When the group appeared on MBC’s “C-Radio Idol True Colour” the BTS rapper shared that he doesn’t have a particular preference for this. However, he pointed out that he wants a girl who would “charm” him during their first encounter.

He added that “personality” matters among all. Besides, he wants somebody who has similar music preferences and tastes as his, allowing them to have a common interest.

Suga also revealed that it doesn’t matter if the relationship is long-distance. He expressed that he is “comfortable with dating non-Koreans.”

BTS Suga
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What is Suga’s Thoughts on Dating/Relationship?

In 2018, the Agust D artist explained to Elle Russia why dating could be challenging for himself and the rest of his co-members. He explained that they have a very bustling timetable all week long, as per Bollywood Life.

Suga proceeded with that they would get to work as soon as when they got up in the morning. The working hours would even last almost 24 hours, adding that they would need to begin it all over again the next day.

The BTS members added that he and the rest of the group wouldn’t get time for something besides work. Jimin agreed and pointed out that they even got no opportunity to see their families because of their timetables.

BTS Suga Reaches Major Milestone on YouTube with the song ‘Daechwita’

In the meantime, Suga just accomplished one more accomplishment on YouTube with his track named “Daechwita.” The official music video of the said song accumulated more than 13 million likes on the official channel on youtube.

The “Daechwita” music video was played more than 368 million times as of now.

This is an enormous accomplishment for fans, particularly since a couple of K-pop stars can arrive at such an achievement. Suga just joined other big artists like his group, BTS, and PSY, who turned into a global star because of his “Gangnam Style” track.

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