February 8, 2023


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Eduin Caz suffered from a chronic hernia condition after his concert in Mexico City on May 7

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Eduin Caz


Due to his chronic hiatal hernia, Mexican artist Eduin Caz was brought to a hospital emergency room over the weekend. The event occurred after a Grupo Firme concert scheduled for May 7 in Mexico City’s Foro Sol.

Caz, Grupo Firme’s lead vocalist, went on Instagram Live on May 8 to clear the air and explain why he was hospitalised after “erroneous reports” about him “having a heart attack” or “overdosing” circulated.

Caz told viewers in Spanish that he doesn’t consume drugs and only drinks beer in a 10-minute video. He said that he became extremely inebriated during two consecutive shows and then ate a lot of food, aggravating his chronic hernia.

Eduin Caz stated in the video that he wanted to summon his special guests, including Colombian musician Pipe Bueno, to continue partying in his hotel room that night. Nonetheless, when he felt soreness in his chest and back, his ideas were swiftly abandoned.

On the same Instagram Live, Caz added that he has to focus on his health and begin his fitness and dietary plan from the beginning.

Finally, he warned his admirers not to accept anything they read and assured them that he was alright.

People with a hiatal hernia may experience symptoms such as heartburn or burning in the stomach, gas in the form of belching, difficulty breathing and hoarseness, a sense of throat and back discomfort in the dorsal area, and the causes of a hiatal hernia can be genetic or congenital, according to American Post.

On an Instagram Live, Eduin Caz explained his situation:

On Instagram life, their outstanding personality revealed his condition and provided comfort to his fans.

“Those who are my true admirers know I have a chronic hernia and have been told I shouldn’t drink,” he said. I completely forgot about it that day [Friday]. My stomach was inflamed.

I took some medication after waking up Saturday with stomach aches and diarrhoea. I drank that day as well, but now I’m on medication.”

Because of his illness, Eduin passed out.

“My entire body felt scorching as if they had set fire to my back.” I couldn’t stand the discomfort any longer and passed out. When the ambulance arrived, I was taken to a nearby clinic. They prescribed pain relievers, and my doctor explained that it was due to heartburn. My vocal cords were on fire, and my chest and back felt like they were on fire.”

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