February 8, 2023


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G-Dragon Unfollows BLACKPINK Jennie on Instagram After Dating Rumors With BTS V Surfaced

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G-Dragon and BLACKPINK Jennie, despite the fact that they never confirmed their relationship, quickly became the hottest couple.

BIGBANG’s leader worked with Jennie on the music video for That XX in 2012. Their flirty interactions have already generated romance rumors on the platform.

They kept working together after that, with Jennie being cast as the lead in his Black music video. But she was a key player this time since she also sang with the rapper.

Since then, the public has seen them more frequently, until a photo of the BOOMBAYAH singer visiting G-high-security Dragon’s residence in Seoul was disclosed by Dispatch, a South Korean dating news website.

With BTS V, G-Dragon removes Jennie from his following list amid dating rumors.

According to an online community post, Dragon appears to have unfollowed Jennie on his private Instagram page but continues to follow other BLACKPINK members.


He eliminated her from his list of persons to follow for no apparent reason. YG Entertainment, however, did not entirely dismiss the dating rumors, hinting that their relationship was gone.

BLACKPINK Jennie Dating Someone Else?

The new development may have publicly confirmed G-previous Dragon’s link with Jennie and her present romance with V.

On Sunday, a picture of the BTS member and Jennie in the same car went viral. According to the uploader, they were travelling to Jeju Island together.


“Today’s most popular image. I’m not sure whether they’re just lookalikes, but two prominent idol stars were spotted together on Jeju island. People are even more persuaded now that the top female idol has been linked to breakup rumors with a male OG idol. For the time being, I’ll keep the names hidden because they haven’t been shown to be true “said the caption. “We have nothing to say [about this matter],” YG Entertainment responded, reiterating its earlier statement on G-Dragon and Jennie’s rumoured relationship. We’ll let you know if we have a different response to provide.”

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