February 8, 2023


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How to buy Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT: Release date & prices

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Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT

Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT brings 99 polaroids from Paul’s ventures all over the world, the “most significant moments of my life caught on tangible film.” Here’s how you can purchase his 99 Originals NFTs and the cost for everyone.

Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT isn’t your typical NFT project with a large number of monkey-themed profile picture types. Instead, Logan wanted to offer his fans something more extraordinary and personal.

Compiling 99 Polaroids from 99 days of his life in which he “broke bones, experienced miracles, nearly isolated my family, experienced drug addiction, travelled with the richest in the world, fell head over heels (more than once)” [and] lived dangerously in the present.”

Logan will sell each picture separately, with each being auctioned off – meaning there is no set cost for the NFTs. This is the way you can get your hands on one and after send off, how much each is selling for.

Delivery Date And How To Purchase

At first scheduled for Monday, April 17, Paul postponed the launch of his collection for two or three weeks before the first piece went live on Monday, May 9 on Originals.com.

Consistently, at least one Original will be auctioned on the main page of Originals.com. All auctions will run for 24 hours, with a 15-minute reset timer for bids set placed with 15 minutes.

To put a bid you want to connect your Wallet. You might have the option to put a bid if you have enough Ethereum (ETH) in your wallet, in addition to extra ETH to cover gas charges.

Your bid additionally must be 10% more than the current bid. When you place an effective bid, your ETH will be held in escrow until you are outbid.

Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT NFT Sale Prices

The initial 99 Originals NFT went live on Monday, May 9, with no less than one going live every day after that until every one of the 99 have been sold. Moreover, Logan revealed that 100 per cent of the proceeds from the sale of #1 Original_One will go to the war aid effort in Ukraine.

It’s unclear the amount they’ll each end up going for, yet anticipate that there should be a great deal of ETH changing hands all through this process.

Logan Paul’s 99 Originals NFT

What makes 99 Originals NFT unique?

Logan Paul’s project is something more than NFTs. He expressed that there will be a docuseries about his “journey” di Lui to oblige it, and fans that bought a 99 Original NFT will want to turn out to be essential for the Originals DAO.

DAO represents a decentralized autonomous organization. Fans that are part of this group will get exceptional roles on the 99 Originals Discord and have the option to decide in favour of different local area projects. These fortunate fans can likewise get access to “exclusive experimental events.”

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