February 8, 2023


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Is Jessica Nkosi Leaving The Queen? Bomb Dropped For Thando Fans!

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Jessica Nkosi is leaving The Queen following seven years on TV, the sitcom was recently discontinued. The Queen will end on January 13, 2023, with the finale debuting in July 2022. Jessica Nkosi, a previous Isabaya entertainer who won a Royalty Soapie Award for her role of Thando Sebata, declared her departure from The Queen on Instagram.

Award-winning entertainer Jessica Nkosi, who plays the role of Thando Sebata in The Queen has confirmed her departure from the telenovela. The TVSA July and August teasers additionally uncover entertainers Rapulana Seiphemo, who plays her dad Hector Sebata, and Nomsa Buthelezi, who plays her mother-in-law MaJali Khoza likewise left the show.

Jessica Nkosi joined the Queen in the role of the savage and unflappable Thando Sebata. Thando was famous for using a gun against her enemies decisively on the show. She was that hoodlum lady who was taught in both the criminal and legal systems from the beginning. Thando acquired information through her dad, a dishonest police officer who managed the narcotics exchange in Johannesburg.

Jessica Nkosi Leaving Telenovela The Queen

The previous Isabaya actress Jessica Nkosi, who got a Royalty Soapie Award for her role as Thando Sebata took to her Instagram to announce that she has left telenovela The Queen. Former Generations actors Rapulana Seiphemo, who plays Hector Sebata, and Nomsa Buthelezi, who plays MaJali have additionally left the show. The actress is one of the numerous actors who will leave the show this season before the telenovela films its last episode.

Jessica commended the late Shona and Connie Ferguson for giving her the Thando part after she left the show. She praised everybody at Ferguson Films as she recollected their pleasant time together. The Queen fans’ responses to the news were divided as it was declared on Mzansi. While a portion of her supporters commended what she had been achieving, others were crushed that their favourite character has left the show.

Why Did She Leave Telenovela The Queen?

The Queen was never more quiet than in the hours paving the way to Thando’s passing. Harriet, Brutus, Hector, and other drug lords like Dollar have met up over their passion for Bhambata. Hector and Harriet were going through a separation even though most visitors at the party at Noma’s were living it up. Then again, Harriet would have been killed by Cebo and Majali since she stayed away from Brutus at the Khoza shipping.

With plans for a party going all out, Harriet recruited a sniper while Majali and Cebo carried a weapon to kill her. A sniper shoots Hector in the chest while Harriet and Hector pretend to be a happy couple to procure a fee.

Thando then arises with a cane, confronts Cebo and Majali, threatens to use a gun, and fires Majali. In self-defence, Cebo shot Thando, who later died. That implies her part in the show is finished, which prompted Jessica Nkosi to leave The Queen.

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