February 1, 2023


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Is MrBeast Still dating Maddy Spidell In 2022? Everything You Need To Know

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MrBeast and Maddy

Jimmy Donaldson, also popularly known as MrBeast is an American YouTuber, internet personality, businessman, and philanthropist. 

The YouTuber MrBeast was born on May 7, 1998, and is now 23 years old. 

The YouTuber MrBeast is in a relationship with the love of his life Maddy Spidell, also she is a social media influencer. 

MrBeast and Maddy have kept their relationship secret since 2019.

The couple never broke any news that they have parted ways consequently, it is to be expected that MrBeast and Maddy are still together. 

YouTubers are undoubtedly the amazing social media figure Jimmy Donaldson. 

The lady love of MrBeast’s life Maddy Spidell was born on March 31, 2000, and is now 21 years old while her boyfriend MrBeast is 23 years old.

The couple has been seen in Youtube videos together since they made public appearances about their endearing love journey. 

Their first video together of MrBeast and Maddy is titled, “Surprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentine’s Day”.

In the video, the famous YouTuber MrBeast raises 100,000 roses in Maddy’s house, arranging them gracefully and colorfully. 

Maddy loved it and the couple flaunted their love for each other in the video deeply.

Did MrBeast Break Up With Maddy Spidell In 2022?

There has been no announcement about a said separation between them, fans have been conjecturing the same after MrBeast kept up silence during Maddy Spidell’s birthday. 

As Maddy Spidell shares a tweet on her social media to celebrate her special day alongside a long heart-touching post, her BF’s absence has taken up many questions among social media users. 

Keep in mind how the YouTube star used to say his girlfriend on social media too.

Moreover, Maddy Spidell had her own YouTube Channel as she made her debut with videos back in February 2021. 

Her amusing and fashion-related videos have been receiving significant views as she previously had up to 13,000 subscribers and was recorded in August last year.

MrBeast and Maddy

Now, billionaire Elon Musk made a massive statement confirming that YouTube star MrBeast could have Twitter in the event of Musk’s untimely demise. 

Elon Musk made the statement in a tweet on Monday, where he reacted to YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson, also famous as MrBeast. 

Later on, The Youtuber kept all jokes to the side and desired the billionaire for all his health and happiness.

Elon Musk and Donaldson have been affectionate as Elon Musk had participated in Donaldson’s philanthropic activities earlier.

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