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Is Ricky Leaving Virgin River? Bad News For Ricky Fans

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Ricky leaving Virgin River

Virgin River is a Netflix show created from the namesake book series by American writer Robyn Carr. It begins with the arrival of nurse practitioners and midwife Melinda Monroe in the Virgin River and spins around different residents of the fictional town in California and their expectations, dreams, and wants. Ricky Sudder (played by Grayson Gurnsey) is one such resident of the town. Toward the beginning of the series, he is going to graduate high school and fills in as a bartender and a waiter at Jack’s bar.

He began dating Lizzie, however, he additionally revealed that he was joining the Marines and would leave the Virgin River. Ricky is ready to join the Marines in season four, however, he needs to wait for a spot to open up. No matter what his expectations, Ricky messed up things last season when he chose to stay quiet about his secret. Things didn’t pan out as expected.

Assuming the events of season 4 of the Virgin River finale have made you puzzle over whether Ricky as a character is being written off or the actor Grayson Gurnsey is leaving the series, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD. So, no further ado, how about we see regards to Ricky leaving the Virgin River.

Is Ricky Leaving The Virgin River?

Ricky is a recurring character in the first season of the Netflix series Virgin River. Be that as it may, in season 2, he becomes the main part of the cast. This is the very season that Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale), Connie’s troublemaking niece from Los Angeles, is introduced in the series.

The time that Ricky spends in the company of Jack and Preacher profoundly impacts him. He chooses to become a Marine like them. At the point when Lizzie figures out that Ricky has chosen to join the Marines, she parts ways with him, not on account of his choice but rather because he decided to hide it from her. Even though she realizes that Ricky did it not to make her feel terrible, she would have favoured honesty over deception.

Ricky spends most of the portion of the third and fourth seasons endeavouring to win Lizzie back without any progress. Also, she develops near the new young man in town, Denny, who is the grandson Doc didn’t know he had up to this point. Ricky and Lizzie later become friends. In the end, Ricky is informed that he has been accepted into the Marine training camp. Ricky says goodbye to the town and leaves. Thus, the choice about Ricky leaving the Virgin River was taken.

Will We See Ricky In Season 5?

Ricky was most recently seen leaving the town to start training as Virgin River season 4 came to an end, so his future on the show doesn’t move a lot of certainty for season 5. We don’t know whether Ricky will show up by any means in Season 5 as of now. Be that as it may, the writers might have just changed the characters from the general storyline.

Therefore, when Ricky returns, he might have a different public persona. That is precisely the exact thing Carr does in her novel with the person. In the seventh book of the series, Ricky re-visits the Virgin River, however, we don’t yet about that possibly he will be there or not. We can not be sure if Ricky has left the show until Netflix declares the official lineup of the upcoming season, yet things have some issues for the Rick spreads out there. In any case, this was all we got about Ricky leaving Virgin River. If you haven’t watched the show yet, do it now since it is presently gushing on Netflix.

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