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K-Pop Disbanding In 2022- 5 K-Pop Groups Contract Ending Soon

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Consistently, the K-pop world sees uncountable new debuts and more fans, however some unfortunate disbandments as well. Most idols have a seven-year contract with their agency, which has prompted what fans call the “seven-year curse” where groups will generally disband or see certain members leaving their respective group following seven years.

All in all, who are the K-pop idols whose contracts are finishing in 2022? Which groups are staying together, and which group could disband in 2022?

Kpop group contracts don’t completely mean the end for the whole line. Most times, certain group members leave the agency while proceeding with their activities as group members for example Tiffany from Girl Generation left SM Entertainment but she is still a member of the group.

From TWICE to Day 6, numerous famous Kpop groups will arrive at the deadline for their new active contracts with their labels. Nonetheless, fans are interested to know if these groups will renew the contract or decide to disband?

K-Pop Groups Disbanding in 2022

1. Twice


The adored nine-member group, formed through the survival show named Sixteen, debuted under JYP Entertainment in October 2015 – and is as yet continuing forward with their regular promotions and music releases.

Recently the K-Pop group has completed their World Tour in the USA, South Korea And Japan. The group became the first girl group ever to have a stadium concert in the US. The members have also opened their solo Instagram accounts after being active for almost seven years in the industry. The Twice Oldest Member and Lead Vocalist Im Na-Yeon will be making her solo debut soon on 24th June 2022.

Simply last year, the group delivered its very first English single, The Feels, which denoted their venture into the Western market. The song was so very much cherished that it snatched a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, appearing at number 83 – a first for the group.

The group has acquired overall fame and their journey into the mainstream industry without a doubt, they have been South Korea’s number 1 girl group since their debut. Yet, their 7-year contract with JYP Entertainment is ending in 2022 and all things considered, there is a chance that the group and members might renew the contract.

2. iKON

iKon debuted under YG Entertainment in September 2015, after their group was formed in the survival show named Mix and Match. However, the group released a digital single in March 2021 and the K-Pop group took part in the competition show Kingdom: Legendary War in April 2021, they have been moderately quiet since then.

The announcement of the engagement of the group member Bobby came as a shock to everyone since no one was expecting this. Bobby announced to his fans in a handwritten letter that his then-fiance and he is getting married and is expecting a child together and he assured his fans and the group fans that he will work harder and will not do anything which will hamper the group’s image.

After a month later the couple welcomed their first child together. iKon’s plans as a group have stayed in the dark, with the contract renewals still unsure. The YG boy group iKon includes Yunhyeong, Bobby, Jinhwan, June, Chanwoo, and Donghyuk. B.I, the former leader of the group, left the group in 2019 due to drug abuse.

3. Monsta X


Monsta X debuted in May 2015 under Starship Entertainment. The K-pop group is currently promoted as a six-member group but initially, they started as a seven-member group. The group has seen broad achievements both locally and globally. On October 31, Starship entertainment reported that Wonho’s departure from MONSTA X as he wish to not create any more problems for the group following allegations surrounding him.

However the group leader Shownu is at present finishing his compulsory military enlistment, and the remaining five members are still going strong with their promotions, having released their second English album, named “The Dreaming”, in December 2021.

MONSTA X’s leader Shownu is right now doing his required military enlistment. In any case, that doesn’t prevent MONSTA X from making music and getting attention from the fans. However no official announcement has been made at this point, things are doing great for the group’s future, with contract renewals seeming, by all accounts, likely to happen.



Oh My Girl is a South Korean girl group framed by WM Entertainment. The group consist of six members: Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Yubin and Arin. Initially an eight-part group, JinE left the group in October 2017 because of her health problems, and Jiho left in May 2022. Oh My Girl debuted on April 20 2015 with the song named “Cupid”.

On February 7, WM Entertainment confirmed that OH MY GIRL is planning to come back with the new album in March. On March 7, they announced that they will return with their second studio album Real Love, which was set to be released on March 28. This marks the group’s first release since fellow group member Binnie changed her name to Yubin.

On March 30, OH MY GIRL released their Japanese best album named OH MY GIRL Best. On May 9, WM Entertainment announced to the fans of the group that Jiho’s departed from the agency and group after choosing not to renew her contract. The group would keep on advancing as a six-member group. The agency has renewed the contracts with Oh My Girl’s members Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Yubin and Arin.

5. DAY6


DAY6 is another JYP Entertainment Kpop group whose contract will be finishing in 2022. The rock group debuted in September 2015, with five members under JYP Entertainment. Jae left the group in December 2021 because of a controversy, and DAY6 is now promoting as a four-member group.

The group’s last venture was in April 2021, and although the members have been active soloists and as a part of a subunit, their fate as a full group stays questionable.

Furthermore, presently ex-member of the group Jae’s sudden departure on December 31, 2021, left fans with additional worries and questions. As per Yonhap News, despite the vocalist’s announcement on Twitter that he will be taking a break, JYP Entertainment disclosed that Jae had ended his agreement with the agency and will leave the band.

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