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Netflix’s The Circle star: are John Franklin and Parker Abbott Dating?

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John Franklin and Parker Abbott


‘The Circle’ got back with its fourth season with additional exciting twists and turns to make it the “spiciest” season yet. Truth be told, however, aside from the VIP appearances, the unforeseen spark between catfishes John Franklin (Carol) and Parker Abbott (Paul) likewise played a part in this aspect.

Each season there’s somewhere around one catfish on The Circle, but that hasn’t prevented single contenders from searching for love with their fellow players. Season 1 had Joey and Miranda, Season 3 had Nick and Rachel, and presently there’s Parker (Paul) and John (Carol), who both came in playing as their folks.

John/Carol turned into an Influencer and wound up removing Parker/Paul in the first round, however, the pair clicked once Parker/Paul went to go meet John/Carol face-to-face. The Circle is a reality competition series, created by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group, that previously circulated on Netflix in January 2020.

The series bill itself as a game based on social-media entertainment, with the idea, that “anybody can be anyone in The Circle.” None of the competitors meets each other face-to-face, yet they all decide on who they like the best. The main two winners of each round commonly get to conclude which contestant gets sent home. Amusingly, it was catfish John who started to think that Paul was truly Parker.

John And Parker Dating?

After John was voted as one of the influencers, Frank chose to eliminate Parker from the game. Parker then got the opportunity to pick which individual challenger she needed to meet face to face.

She picked John, thinking he was Mama Carol. Normally, John and Parker were astounded when they met each other seriously. Parker told John she didn’t anticipate him to be so good-looking. They ended up bonding over their choice to compete as their folks, and John revealed he figured other challengers would think he was more real assuming that he competed as his mother.

Parker felt like individuals generally established negative first-impression assumptions about her, so she thought competing as her father would allow her a better opportunity of winning.

John Franklin and Parker Abbott

Parker told John she was rooting for him. They joked about how meeting each other while thinking they were their folks made for an excellent love story. They discussed seeing each other again after the show, following their impromptu first date.

Unfortunately, however, from everything we can say through their social media, they aren’t dating each other. The duo has kept in contact and is cordial toward each other.

Now, all we know is that John is still in the running on The Circle. We’ll simply need to sit back and watch what secrets are uncovered when all of Season 4 drops on Netflix. Episodes 5 through 8 of The Circle Season 4 will debut on Netflix on May 11, 2022.

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