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TWICE Jihyo Net Worth 2022: Group Leader The Wealthiest Member?

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Twice Jihyo is one of the dependable people who made her group become one of the present most well off K-pop groups. The Nine-member group is one the fourth spot with an aggregate total assets of $35 million.

Reports said it isn’t shocking thinking that the “superstar” all-female act has kept on focus on group activities and music. Since their debut in 2015, they have released 24 albums.

Jihyo is known as TWICE’s trustworthy leader and main singer. Because of her strong vocals and sharp dance lines, the female icon has acquired the epithet “God Jihyo” from fans. Jihyo has procured love and backing from individuals in South Korea as well as from international fans.

TWICE Jihyo Net Worth

Jihyo trained under JYP Entertainment for quite a long time, beginning in 2005 and debuting with TWICE in 2015. Because of her prolonged period as a student, her vocal techniques are truly outstanding in the business.

As she keeps advancing with TWICE, individuals additionally noticed that her dance abilities improve with every comeback. It is no distortion to say that Jihyo is quite possibly the most adored TWICE member!

Collectively, the total assets of TWICE purportedly sum to $35 million. For long-term allies of TWICE, this is nothing unexpected. The JYP Entertainment superstar girl group has ceaselessly delivered music since their debut.

As indicated by WaliKali.Com, Jihyo has a total net worth of $1.5 million. This is a direct result of her activities with TWICE, her performance work and that’s just the beginning.

Jihyo’s Kpop Career

Jihyo has had the longest training period among the members of her group. She was a student under JYP Entertainment for about 10 years, as per Channel-Korea.

As expressed, she was exclusively in the 3rd grade when she joined the agency. She even took part in different rivalries early on.

She was purportedly expected to make a big appearance at some point before taking part in SIXTEEN and turning into an individual from TWICE. In any case, it didn’t push through because of undisclosed reasons. Jihyo formally appeared as the leader and member of TWICE in 2015.

Is Jihyo the wealthiest member of the group?

While TWICE is, without a doubt, one of the most extravagant K-pop groups to date, the members are not a portion of the present richest idols. As mentioned before, the nine members rarely do solo activities.

Jihyo is worth about $1.5 million. This as of now incorporates all her profit from her activities outside the group.

This makes her comparable to a portion of the other members’ separate total assets. Just two idols from the group have a lot higher total net worth, and these are Sana and Tzuyu, with the previous being the most well off part.

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