Alicia Vikander Says Fame Made Her Miserable: ‘I Was Always by Myself

Oscar-Winner Alicia Vikander (“The Danish Girl”) Has a Career That Balances Blockbusters Like “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and “Tomb Raider” .

However, in an Interview With the Sunday Times, the Actress Opened Up About the Loneliness and Isolation That Work Inspired.

“When, in Other People’s Eyes, I Was at My Height of Fame, I Was the Most Sad,” Vikander Said.

“I Kept Telling Myself, ‘Take It In. It Is Incredible.’ but I Didn’t Know What to Do. There Were All These First-Class Flights, Five-Star Rooms. But I Was Always by Myself.”

“It Was Very Lonely,” She Said. “If I Didn’t Have My Friends to Call, It Would Have Been Difficult. I’ve Seen What Can Happen to People in My Industry.”

While She Acknowledged That Everyone Faces Hardships, the Uniquely Public Nature of Her Job Makes It Much Harder to Step Away and Take Care of Herself in Private.