Ashley Judd Recalls Mother Naomi Judd ‘Doing the Best She Could’ During Battle With Mental Illness

When you’re a child it’s sometimes hard to tell that one of your parents is struggling. Ashley Judd, who opened up about her mother country icon Naomi Judd‘s battle with mental illness.

“I look back on my childhood and I realize I grew up with a mom who had an undiagnosed and untreated mental illness,” 

Judd said of her 76-year-old Country Music Hall of Fame mother

who died by suicide on April 30 of this year after a long mental health struggle.

As with many children of parents with mental health diagnoses, Ashley said she realized over the years that she wasn’t the “cause” of her mother’s illness, but also that she couldn’t “control it” or “cure it.”

Which is why when her mother died she said there was a kind of peace that came with the heartbreaking news.