Dave Coulier talks hearing ex Alanis Morissette's 'You Oughta Know' for the first time: 'Oh, I can't be this guy'

In 1995, less than two months after actor Dave Coulier's hit show Full House aired its final episode, the actor was stunned to hear a song from ex Alanis Morissette.

It was "You Oughta Know," the first hit from Morisette's blockbuster album Jagged Little Pill, released in July of that year.

"I'm driving in Detroit and I've got my radio on, and I hear the hook for 'You Oughta Know' come on the radio," Coulier explained on Tuesday's episode of SiriusXM Faction Talk

"And I'm like, wow, this is a really cool hook. And then I start hearing the voice. I'm like, wow, this girl can sing."

"And I had no idea, you know, that this was the record. And then I was listening to the lyrics going, 'Ooh, oh no! Oh, I can't be this guy.'"

Coulier then went to a record store and bought the CD — as one did in 1995 — so he could listen to it all.