Derek Jeter Breaks Silence on Rumor He Gives Swag Bags to One-Night Stands

Derek Jeter logged over 3,000 hits, 14 All-Star selections, five Gold Gloves, five World Series championship rings. 

and will go down as one of the greatest New York Yankees to have ever played the game, but away from the ballpark as well.

Yes, the Yankee captain loved to party, but he had a knack for keeping his name away from tabloid headlines.

“Anything I was doing, I was trying to hide it,” he says in The Captain, a seven-part docuseries premiering July 18 on ESPN.

Directed by Randy Wilkins and produced by Spike Lee, The Captain stresses how Jeter was able maintain a firm handle on his off-field image via a series of clever tricks

He also artfully dodged a number of precarious situations—including a nightclub shooting on Dec. 27, 1999.