Doja Cat Imitates Amber Heard’s Infamous ‘Dog Stepped On A Bee’ Court Testimony On TikTok

Heard emotionally told a story about her dog stepping on a bee, at one point offering a seemingly pained expression that many thought felt forced.

Now, Doja Cat, ever the TikTok star, has gone and re-created the moment in a now-deleted video.

she offered her own kooky expression while repeatedly saying her dog stepped on a bee.

During a live broadcast later, Doja explained that her dog did actually step on a bee, which is what prompted her video.

It’s not clear why the original video is no longer on Doja’s TikTok account, but she did face some backlash for it on Twitter.

Some noted that Heard’s testimony was about allegedly being sexually assaulted by Depp and that Doja was making light of that.