Hailee Steinfeld Sets Release Date for New Single 'Coast'

The 25-year-old actress and singer first teased a new song, “Coast,” back in April, and even offering a pre-save link.

After teasing the song, Hailee seemed to disappear.

Hailee seemed to disappear. In May, she responded to a fan who noted the tease and disappearance, “i know. not at all my intention, ever. wasn’t my call and it was definitely too soon.”

Hailee popped back on Twitter, and wrote, “Ok but like.”

She then followed up with, “Let’s run this back, shall we? For real this time. #COAST 7/29,” along with the pre-save link.

Hailee has also been rumored to return for multiple upcoming MCU projects, reprising her Kate Bishop/Hawkeye.