Jay-Z Tells Kevin Hart He Isn’t Retired, He’s Just Not Making Music Right Now

In a preview clip posted by Access Hollywood, Jay-Z discusses with the comedian the status of his latest semi-retirement.

Although Jay notoriously “retired” once in 2003 with the release of The Black Album, he returned in relatively short order just three years later with Kingdom Come.

This time, though, he has no plans on making any grand pronouncements of the same nature, even joking about his previous retirement with Hart.

While Jay isn’t making music on his own yet, he did recently make an appearance on Pusha T’s album It’s Almost Dry

“Nah, I tried that,” he admits. “I’m terrible at that! I just needed a break

This time, he says he has no intentions of walking away “for good” or otherwise despite not currently having any projects in the works.