Logan Paul trolled for calling Jordan Peele's 'Nope' 'confusing' and slow

'It's confusing because you lacked the required equipment to be able to enjoy a movie that makes you think,' someone bashed Paul on Twitter

The horror thriller opened to a whopping $44 million in the first weekend, but Logan Paul didn't hesitate to slam it on Twitter.

The original, R-rated, star-lite flick regained some box-office confidence for other directors, but the YouTuber/wrestler did not like the movie at all.

He loves Jordan Peele and Keke Palmer can act her ass off, but this movie is objectively slow and confusing with stretched themes that don’t justify the pace."

He further criticized the movie saying that the storyline was "all over the place".

The social media personality also blamed the movie makers for downplaying Barbie Ferreira and asked, "Why was she even in the movie?"