Steve Harvey Shares the Secret to a Viral Family Feud Moment: 'Pure, Unintentional Ignorance'

Throughout The Years, Audiences Have Been Drawn To A Number Of Missteps Made By Family Feud Host Steve Harvey, But Happily For The Abbott Elementary Ensemble, It Doesn't Appear like They Will Make Game Show History When They Play On Celebrity Family Feud.

Harvey, Of Course, Has Special Knowledge Into The Types Of Responses That Really Do Go Viral, and He Shared It Only with People.

He Calls It "Pure, High-level, Unintended Stupidity." It Is As You Say. If You Give Me That High-level Unintended Injection Of Stupidity, You're Going To Become Viral, He Says.

According To Harvey, He Deliberately Makes Sure That The Show's Most Memorable Moments Are Also Memorable For Him, Even If They Don't Raise Participants' Scores.

According to Harvey, "The Moments I Wait For" Are the Ones That Hilariously Depict a Combination of Careless Failure and Erroneous Confidence.

He Says, "I'm Playing The Game Along with You," But I'm Extremely Conscious Of What I Don't Believe Is On That Board Because I Have No Way Of Knowing What You're Going To Say.